Is your metabolism struggling?

Seven ways to tell your metabolism is struggling more than a Hungover Hoxton Hipster on a Monday morning...

  1. You are always cold....particularly hands and feet.  You are that person in the office shivering under their scarf, with a blow heater under their desk, whatever season it is.
  2. No matter how hot your boyf / girlfriend is, you can always find an excuse not to get jiggy with them....some important life event to attend to cleaning out the cat litter tray.
  3. You regularly want so stab the people on the tube / motorway / bus / kitchen table; and everything that doesnt go the way you want it to in your life is someone's fault.
  4. You would give up a substantial amount of your salary to stay in bed when the alarm goes off in the morning, are absolutely exhausted throughout the entire day, would give up an organ for a nap post lunch, and yet have the energy of 5 billion condensed suns when it comes to bedtime.
  5. Your eyebrows are thinning, especially in the outer third.
  6. You're constantly trying the next amaaaaazing diet, thats DEFINITELY going to work this time because Beth in Marketing lost 2 stone in a week on it;  and yet losing weight is getting harder to do.
  7. You have some kind of digestive issues - ranging from intolerance to dairy (ignore that this is trendy), through to full blown IBD.

If you've answered Yes to any of these questions (you may not have been 100% honest with yourself if you only answered Yes to one), then keep on reading.  I'll be sharing details of my ongoing journey of fixing my metabolic health, and showing you how you can do the same.  

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Love, Sarah x 

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