This is how we do it....

I can never say This Is How We Do It, without singing this.

The world is awash with every kind of therapist, offering to absorb the pain of change on their clients' behalf; and promising them the world, often by 'prescribing' (I find the use of this word worrying, both from the perspective of the giver, and the taker, of said prescription. But more on that another time). This kind of relationship often leads to good reviews (often just because the client feels obligated after their therapist has put in so much effort to fix them), and good reviews often equal new clients, usually with similar issues and dispositions; and so the cycle continues. 

Our desire for positivity - positive outcomes, positive experiences, positive reviews, recommendations etc - can cloud our judgement and our perceptions. I have a handful of testimonials and they are from people who were completely ready to take ownership of their health; I merely facilitated that process for them, and I feel fortunate to have been able to do that.

What I'm here for - what you come to me for

I knew I never wanted people coming along, under the misapprehension that working with me would be easy; it won't. I'm not here to do the hard work for my clients, which may work in the short term but ultimately just replaces one lifestyle authority with another. I'm here to make people think, help them tune back into their own perfectly good guidance systems, and that involves challenging beliefs. Beliefs that have often led to issues - else you would not be working with me in the first place. Most clients come to me via recommendation, or through social media, and so they usually have a broad idea of what's in store. Just in case though, I have produced an aide memoire, outlining what to expect, and perhaps more importantly, what not to expect.


People need to fix their own health

I'm happy to take on board feedback and to consider whether to make any alterations as a result, but in reality it's unlikely to change the way I work, because for those who are ready to take responsibility, it's a good approach. And for those who aren't ready to make that commitment to themselves, any changes I make will never be enough.

When there are underlying health issues and brain function isn't at full strength, it can seem like the easiest route is for someone to just tell you what to do. I've been in that position myself. That's probably why so many self-appointed authority figures exist to start with. 

I'm not in the business to be liked, I want to help

Last week I was given some feedback by a client that my style is confrontational. I guess it's easy to have that take on things when you don't like what's being said. This particular client also told me that if being well meant eating processed foods, they would rather remain sick. Such is the hold that the WAPF approach has over this person. This isn't uncommon, there are a lot of people wedded to their chosen lifestyle to the point where they no longer have the ability to evaluate objectively whether that choice is still the right one for them. People who fall into this category won't be ready to hear an alternative perspective, even when they have paid to hear it. 

If you want a self-appointed guru, and membership to a rah-rah Facebook community of likeminded people, to help keep your behavioural modification on track, I'm not the one for you. If, however, you are tired of diets that don't work, and can't any longer ignore your niggling, seemingly unrelated health issues such as poor sleep, lack of motivation, thinning eyebrows, low mood, raging anxiety, round face, struggling digestion and absent libido, then either check out my online coaching packages or drop me a line using the form below.

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