The Nitty Gritty

I am not a doctor (and nor do I have any desire to be part of an institutionalised industry that essentially keeps people sick, albeit unwittingly). I have got some qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy, master practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy (although I do not use these in my work now), I have studied alongside Billy Craig in his Institute for Metabolic Repair, for 7 years now. I practice using Billy’s techniques, and he is on hand for anything that is beyond my current capability, or for additional support for complex matters. With Billy’s support and my own experimentation, I have improved my own health, conquering my own sub-clinical hypothyroidism, Anxiety, Raynauds Syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis.

I have a keen interest in how our lives hang together, and how seemingly unrelated things can paint a picture. I’m often able to spot patterns and connections that you may not, either because you are too close to the issue, or sometimes because when we are not in the pink of health, our own powers of deduction may not be on point. Because of my studies, my interest areas, and my own experience, I am knowledgeable about how the way we live our lives affects our health and well-being.  Every day we are part of our own experiment with the choices we make and our actions  - from how we respond to situations, to what we eat, to what we feel about people, to what kind of clothes we wear, to where we holiday, to what we do in our social time and what we do for a living.  We live a synergistic life. There is no getting away from that, however much we would like to believe we can safely compartmentalise different areas of our life, it is impossible, for any length of time.  

Getting used to that concept is half the battle won. I see people drinking alcohol, taking class A drugs, smoking, taking prescription drugs, eating poor quality food, living life at a thousand miles an hour, being unkind to everyone (usually mostly aimed at themselves) and then doing a 10 day 'detox' on January 4th....(thats what your liver does by the way, and if that’s not working, you need professional help, not Jason Vale).

I'm not here to give you a diet sheet, nor to judge how you live your life.  It's your life and yours alone, you owe nothing to anyone.  And if I can help you to be able to look yourselves in the eye at the end of the day - figuratively and literally - and like what you see, then I figure my work here is done.