Ellie Crocker

I can honestly say, without meaning to sound cliched, that it has been a life changing experience working with Sarah. Having been a serial dieter for most of my adult life (particularly of the low carbing variety), in recent years I was diagnosed with an auto immune thyroid disease and was left wondering why/how/etc. I wanted to try and answer these questions but also locate and repair the root cause, rather than just accepting a plethora of medication from my GP (some of which didn’t make me feel too good), who also told me that the long term prognosis was simply to ‘learn to live with it’. 

I felt as though I had completely lost my way when living outside of the restrictive eating cycles which I seemed to keep getting reluctantly caught up in, but in my gut I knew there had to be more to life than feeling the need to keep jumping on (and inevitably off) the diet wagon. Sarah has been helping me unlock this mystery, starting initially with looking at my relationship with food and eating habits, but also looking at my overall lifestyle, as it turns out this has its implications where our health is concerned. It was here that I began to acknowledge and understand the two way relationship which stress, and poor eating habits/diet/nutrition, undoubtedly have with each other. I’m no science guru having failed badly at this during school, yet Sarah has a great way of presenting the ‘sciencey’ stuff, making it both relatable and comprehensible even for a biology dunce like myself. 

I’ve now become acutely aware that health and wellbeing unquestionably start on the inside, and since making some changes to both my eating habits and lifestyle, I’ve seen notable improvements in my energy levels, digestive system, & cognitive function, and my ability to keep stress at bay has improved ten fold (just ask my family!).  It’s not an experience for the faint hearted - I had to be ready to look pretty deep internally, to get back in touch with my feelings - both on an emotional and physical level. Sarah was continually on hand to answer questions and offer her guidance and support, and whilst she doesn’t ‘giftwrap’ things, there is always plenty of humour added where appropriate, to keep the tone of her message positive. 

Ultimately, Sarah has helped me tune back into myself, and to re-learn how to use the onboard tools that we are all built with in order to keep ourselves well. No low carbing, no demonising of sugar, not a salad nor nutri-bullet in sight, and certainly no silly HIIT cardio. Just plain old intuition, science, and PROPER food. I would not hesitate to highly recommend both Sarah, and this approach to health and well-being, for anyone out there who feels as lost as I did.”