Karen Hale

I enlisted help from Sarah at the beginning of 2017 as I was in a bit of a mess health-wise. I had anxiety and was feeling stuck over my diet. I knew where I wanted to be but was having trouble getting there. From the start Sarah was brilliant. She answered all of my messages (which to begin with were fairly frequent pleas for help!) with insight and many useful suggestions. Sarah asks questions and never tells you what you should do. The whole point is to get you to take responsibility for your own health but with a bit of guidance from Sarah.

The advice I got was not only about food, but also about meditation, journaling, and breathing techniques, to name but a few. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas around with and also to have someone notice when you might be doing something strange again, or going off down a rabbit hole!! Often, as we are only human, we (or certainly I!) go off on strange tangents and it’s good to have someone ask you about it or bring your attention to it.

After a few months I was feeling much better and was more on track to where I wanted to be. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah for her sound advice, her friendliness and her sense of humour (she has a very humorous way of getting points across!!). If you don’t like straight talking then I guess you might be at risk of being a bit butthurt, but one of the things I really like about Sarah is that she doesn’t mince her words, and then you can unpick things fairly quickly and come up with a solution. I would definitely suggest seeking out Sarah’s help if you have health problems. You won’t be disappointed.