Hannah Bergman

I have learnt so much about my physiology and challenged many of my ideas I thought were true about metabolism and what constitutes a ‘healthy’ diet. I have learnt to be okay with eating sugar and learning that it is not the devil as most people would tell you! 

I was so surprised at how the many small health issues, (which actually I realize now are very systemic and interconnected) I had were actually impacting on my general well being so much. I do still feel like I have a long way to go in solving those issues and also just accepting myself and my body for how it is. The biggest thing I will take away from Sarah is that stressing yourself out in anyway, wether it’s through dieting, exercise or general worry will not help you loose weight or make you happy! It is important to give yourself a break and relax sometimes to allow yourself to heal. 

Sarah was always there with any advice I needed which was great although never explicitly told me what to do , which to some may seem frustrating but it’s important to know that it’s your journey and what works for one person may not work for you and adaptations along  will be required to find out what works for you.