Back pain is a growing problem. According to recent figures from the British Pain Society, back pain alone accounts for 40% of sickness absence in the NHS and overall it costs £10 billion for the UK economy [1].

Causes of back pain are multifactorial and the root cause evades many health professionals, with only 1% being linked to serious disease such as an infection or cancer (2).  However, lifestyle factors are relevant. We sit for longer periods of time, having compromised our evolutionary functional posture for longer interaction with technology and extended periods of driving. We are also more prone to stress, with many people also undertaking punishing exercise routines which - with an already dysfunctional posture - means that they are often doing themselves more harm than good. 

What does this mean to you as an employer?

 Treatment of back issues returns varying success rates.  People have different reactions to pain, and therefore there are different responses to standard treatment, and often the best that is prescribed, even in severe cases, is pain management, including ongoing prescription of pain killers. 

 In my experience of working with clients, there is often an emotional component of back pain, whether the sufferer has consciously acknowledged that or not. There is always a mechanical element - postural dysfunction, misalignment of the structure and muscular issues – but also a biological one, of which stress is a common factor, causing hormone imbalances which result in tight muscles and lack of integrity in tendons and ligaments making them more prone to injury, exacerbating postural adaptations. 

 Whilst manual handling and ergonomics are often covered in work environments, general postural guidance and identification of dysfunction that could potentially result in pain to the individual and / or sickness absence is often overlooked. 


On-site Massage Service 

 I offer an on-site massage service that can be tailored to suit your business and individual needs. I recommend an initial 45 minute postural assessment, following up with a monthly treatment focusing on the areas that the assessment highlighted. 

 As well as treating the client’s initial pain complaint, I can also develop a programme of recommended exercises and postural adjustments they can implement themselves, and when appropriate, a strength training programme that will protect them from recurrence of issues, as well as from future injuries.  

 Benefits to you, as the employer:

  1. Minimising likelihood of staff absence as a result of a bad back, meaning optimal attendance and performance 

  2. Tangible benefit to your staff, which can help with performance and retention

  3. Opportunity to gather objective insight, highlighting potential risks with regard to sickness absence, enabling action to address and mitigate the risk

 Benefits to your staff:

  1. Help with existing aches and pain

  2. Less likely to result in a full blown bad back episode 

  3. Teaches the client to manage their own health, meaning they can identify health red flags, and take appropriate action


Full day: £400

Half day: £250

I charge travel time from my home as part of the day rate.