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the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.
”the metabolism of fatty acids in the kidney”

I'm Sarah Kennard, a UK based independent health and nutrition investigator working globally online, offering guidance, advice and practical support for your health problems and needs.

I'm here to challenge your existing paradigms, to push your boundaries, agitate you out of apathy, and help ignite a fire in your belly that means you'll get up and search for your own truth instead of believing what’s being spoon-fed to you by the media and commercial organisations about health, diet and, well, life in general. 


Find out about how I can help with testing, consults, practical action plans, coaching and online support, or a therapeutic massage.

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Ready to take the next step? Insomnia, diabetes, high cholesterol, low libido, or anxiety - whatever your issue, learn how you can benefit from my approach.

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Unconventional health coach working online, globally and face to face in Oxfordshire, helping you to take back control of your health. I will help bust some myths about what we are led to believe is "healthy" but is actually keeping us sick. 

People often come to me when they have punished themselves with fad starvation diets and gruelling gym regimes, becoming ever more wacky as they go on and succeeding only in reinforcing their poor relationship with themselves, and more importantly, trashing their long term health.

I'm here to blaze a trail through what is generally accepted as "healthy living" 


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