My name is Sarah and I'm 47 years old.  

I'm the functional and metabolic health geek who is here to bust some myths about what we are led to believe is 'healthy eating' but is actually keeping us sick.  I laugh in the face of paleo, cock a snoot at so called juice-cleanses, sneer at sugar-free and kick intermittent fasting to the kerb.  Join me on my journey through life and find out how to break free from the masses and look after yourself, by your own standards.


Like many women, I had a lifelong problem with my weight, and what I believed to be corresponding self-esteem.  

I think we have enough people telling us how to juice up kale with unicorn tears and angel hair to make a tasty elixir for eternal youth and beauty.  And that will fix all of our problems. 

Im sick of women being told that if they're not a certain shape or size, they're not beautiful, or that if they don't act in a certain way, it may impede their success in life.  Tired of seeing women punish themselves with fad starvation diets and gruelling gym regimes that are succeeding only in reinforcing their poor relationship with themselves, and more importantly, trashing their long term health.

Im here to blaze a trail through what is generally accepted as the 'healthy living' bullshit. 

Through my blog, I want to help you to:

  • be free of diets (a fools game) of ANY description
  • make friends with yourself and the way you look. And love yourself EXACTLY the way you are now.  (Tip: if you're not happy in your size 16 jeans, you'll not be happy in your size 10's either - sorry)
  • use your intuition to understand what your body and mind is telling you, and what it needs
  • take responsibility for your own health - its the cultural system of outsourcing our health to 'experts' that results in us dialling down our own instincts
  • Live your life consciously, and move through it with volition, not asleep at the wheel


At the age of 39, I had tried just about every single diet there was on the planet - from Adkins to Slimming World, to Cabbage Soup, to slimming pills.   It shaped my entire life; I was either on a diet, or rebelling against one (to whom, Im not quite sure).

It was during this generally discontented period in my life, when, about to embark on yet another diet, that I came across hypnotherapy. I was enthralled with the idea that I could just be quite literally brain washed into not eating.  I'm trivialising of course, I think that hypnotherapy can be really helpful when used as a complimentary therapy.

Thanks to my high performing myopia, combined with the hypnotherapy, i had soon eschewed entire food groups (dairy, wheat, processed, refined sugar (nonsense btw)), essentially following a thinly veiled paleo diet known as the 4 Rs; and the weight fell from me.  I had a new addiction too – exercising, anything extreme and I was doing it by the hour.  And proud of the snootiness my newfound restraint gave me too – just ask anyone close to me at that time.

By 2012 though (3 years later), I was in the grip of a full-blown eating disorder.  Mine wasn't so much focused around how much I would eat, more around what I would - or more significantly wouldn't eat.  I had a tale to tell everyone about the perils of the modern diet (this still holds true in some ways but not for the reasons I thought).  I was sick too: low on energy, anxious, suffering with insomnia, raynauds syndrome (poor circulation), always cold, poor digestion.  But most importantly, I was a FUCKING GRADE A BORE!

It was in March 2012 that I had a serendipitous encounter with Billy Craig. He has helped me to mend my relationship with food and myself, improve my health, uncover my fears, move towards the things I love in life; and generally be more conscious.  And I will talk about this journey as we go.  


The nitty gritty
I am not a doctor (and nor do I have any desire to be part of an institutionalised industry that essentially keeps people sick, albeit unwittingly). I have got some quallies: master practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Level 3 Personal Trainer, EFT.  But mostly what I am knowledgeable about is how the way we live our lives affects our health and wellbeing.  Every day we are part of our own experiment; with the choices we make and our actions  - from how we respond to situations, to what we eat, to what we feel about people, to what kind of clothes we wear, to where we holiday, to what we do in our social time and what we do for a living.  We live a synergistic life, people! There is no getting away form that, however much we would like to believe we can safely compartmentalise different areas of our life; it is impossible, for any length of time.  Get used to it, get comfy with that, and you're half way there...I see people drinking alcohol, taking class A drugs, smoking, taking prescription drugs, eating shitty food, living life at a thousand miles an hour, being unkind to everyone (usually mostly aimed at themselves) and then doing a 10 day 'detox' on January 4th....(uhmm, thats what your liver does by the way, and if its not working, you need professional help, not Jason Vale).

Im not here to give you a diet sheet, nor to judge how you live your life.  Its your life and yours alone, you owe nothing to anyone.  And if I can help some of you to be able to look yourselves in the eye at the end of the day - figuratively and literally - and like what you see; then I figure my work here is done. 


My greatest inspiration is Billy Craig: my  coach, mentor and now great friend.  i totally owe him my life, that may sound OTT but I mean it, if it weren't for him, I genuinely don't believe I would be here now - at least not in the capacity I am in.  

My other sources of learning are wide and varied; including Ray Peat, Broda Barnes, Danny Roddy, Haidut and Cows Eat Grass to name a few.  But mostly, my learning comes from my own life, and thats what I want to help you to do.  Except for the scientific bits of course, thats where Billy comes in.

Me and my dawggg.  This is Stan, he has taught me all about unconditional love. 

Me and my dawggg.  This is Stan, he has taught me all about unconditional love. 

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